Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay Chooses a Winner During SHOCKING Finale

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Last night was what might be the most emotional finale in Bachelorette history as Rachel finally chose her Prince Charming, but it may not be who you expected…
Congrats are in order for Rachel and Bryan, but I don’t know if I was more sad watching Peter and Rachel break up, or the fact that my Bachelor bracket was completely wrong…

The tears, the heartbreak, and all that drama we endured this season was finally worth it as Rachel Lindsay has officially chosen her forever. After having to go through not, one but TWO breakups last night, it’s safe to say I am emotionally drained. Eric was the first to go home during last night’s 3-hour season finale, and handled the situation like an actual pro, BUT Rachel managed to completely shock Bachelor Nation after what many thought would be Peter Kraus getting down on one knee, however as Rachel and Peter’s conversation quickly went south due to his unwillingness to propose after only knowing Rachel for 2 and a half months, hopes and dreams across the nation were completely shattered:
There’s no denying these two tried everything to make it work, however, Rachel just couldn’t seem to get past Peter’s hesitance on proposing so soon, and he couldn’t get past being logical even though he admitted he wasn’t ready to give her up. It was then that Rachel was forced to make the tough decision to say goodbye in what might be the most gut-wrenching breakup in Bachelor history.
BUT there is always a light at the end of the tunnel, as the intense chemistry with Rachel and Bryan is undeniable, and she seems to have been pleased with his willingness to propose to her. On top of a beautiful Spanish castle was Rachel waiting for her knight in shining armour to completely blow her away (LITERALLY) and pop the question.
Rachel and Bryan then appeared together on After the Final Rose and I’ve gotta admit, they do seem very happy together as they’re still engaged and are ready to figure life out post-Bachelor. They haven’t set a date yet, and they’re still figuring out where they’re going to start their life together, whether that be LA, Miami or Dallas. As for Peter, three months after the breakup, he still seems to be taking it rather hard as he admitted to crying backstage before he came out, and even attempting to reach out to Rachel and was told no.

UGH my heart – let’s just hope we’ll be able to witness Peter going after love once more come next season of The Bachelor, however, with his unwillingness to propose after 2 months, it may be unlikely that he’ll return to the Bach mansion. One thing that is returning, after weeks of controversy is the infamous Bachelor spinoff, Bachelor in Paradise. Last night, we were in for quite a treat, as we got a special super tease of what’s to come starting next week, and since I know you’re ALL wondering, YES, THAT footage when the cameras stopping rolling on Corinne and Demario WILL be aired, so mentally prepare yourselves, starting now:
Between Corinne and Demario, Jasmine, Dean, the tears and the love triangles, this is about to be some GOOD reality television, my friends, so we’ve only got a few short days until all the debauchery, so saddle up, my friends. But right now, I know you’re still shocked about last night’s finale, so I want to know all your thoughts, if you think Rachel made the best decision for herself, if you think this will last, and if you think Peter will be the next Bachelor. We’ve got a lot to cover so get to talking down here in the comments, and after that, click right over here to see what Hilary Duff had to say to all those Internet trolls. Thanks for watching Clevver News, I’m your girl Joslyn Davis and I’ll see you next time!

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