Jake Paul Gets Called Out For Being A School Bully

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First Jake’s neighbors called him out for disrupting the neighborhood, then fans called him out for his insensitive and racist comments, and now his old school mates are calling Jake out for being a bully in the past.
After the YouTuber dropped a song called ‘YouTube Stars Diss Track’ where he asked for forgiveness and rapped about all the recent controversy surrounding him, one Twitter user by the name of ‘TheSuperLauren’ tweeted a very interesting response to Jake’s song.
In her first tweet, Lauren tweeted a very specific lyric from Jake’s song. She quoted, “’Where was ya’ll at when I was in the lunchroom, stopping kids from getting bullied?’ Jake Paul was literally the bully. Ask anyone from here.” Immediately after, she started a Twitter thread asking people to share their favorite bullying story involving Jake and needless to say, her DMs and reply section blew up.
Of course, Lauren shared her personal favorite of Jake QUOTE, “dumping people’s bookbags in the trash in high school.” But aside from Lauren’s memories, one user alleged that Jake QUOTE “Forreal rode his bike over my friend’s car when he got mad.” While another said in a DM that in 6th grade, during a fire drill, Jake QUOTE “picked one of those really tall pieces of grass that kind of looked like cattails and poked me in the ear with it.” Ew, that’s pretty unpleasant.
But, all of these bullying claims aren’t new allegations. One user by the name of Bruno tweeted, “’My mom back in 5th grade: he’s just a bully, he won’t succeed in life.’ My literal 5th grade bully now, no joke.” With screenshots of Jake’s music video and socials. Although it’s hard to know if these users were actually classmates with Jake and if their claims are indeed true, Jake has admitted in the past to being a bully in one of his Vlogs. Sooooo I’ll leave it up to you to decide if you think these claims are true or nah. Neither Jake or his team have responded to any of these allegations.
Do you guys believe these claims or do you think people are just taking any chance they get to bring Jake down? You know what to do! Leave your thoughts and comments in the designated section below and as always, don’t forget to subscribe! Thanks for hanging with me on Clevver Newsfeed, I’m your host Drew Dorsey and I’ll see ya next time.

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