Rihanna Accused Of Photoshop Fail After Fans Notice Something Odd

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This internet is seriously confused about this photoshop fail on Rihanna’s crop over carnival photo.

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All eyes are on Rihanna’s thumbnail. Not that thumbnail, an actual THUMB NAIL.
By now you’ve probably seen Rihanna’s iconic colorful Barbados festival photo on Instagram. Yup- the same one that got a lot of buzz because her ex Chris Brown commented on it with a pair of creepy emoji eyes. But if you take a closer look at the photo, there’s something you may have missed. Or you didn’t. Twitter sure didn’t miss it.

On Rihanna’s right thumb finger it looks like she has two teal nails. One twitter user wrote, “So are we gonna talk about Rihanna having two thumbs on her right hand or nah ?!”. Another fan was quick to point the finger writing, “@rihanna is gorgeous, but this photoshop job is…… YIKES (look at the thumb)”.

Yes, upon first glance it DOES look like a terrible photoshop fail. But of all things to photoshop- why a fingernail? If we had to guess- what was photoshopped was probably the area on her stomach NEAR her fingernail. But why? Rihanna’s been shutting down body shamers left and right- so why alter her body for Instagram? Another theory is the quality of the photo. What if it’s a blur from the camera shutter?

Loyal Navy fans have come to Rihanna’s defense citing a different explanation altogether, “girls, rihanna doesn’t have two thumb nails in her picture, the other blue thing is part of her bracelet.” Enough speculation- it’s time for your verdict here. Tell us in the comments below if you think this is a photoshop fail, or if there is another explanation for two fingernails? As always I’m your host Sinead de Vries, I’ll see you next time.

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