Robert Pattinson Reveals CRAZY Strategy He Used To Escape Twilight Paparazzi

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In his recent cover story with GQ, Robert Pattinson revealed his stealthy strategies he used to use to dodge the paparazzi.
Robert Pattinson was basically a secret agent back in the day.
Robert Pattinson is big now, but back in his Twilight days he might as well have been made of gold because he couldn’t go ANYWHERE without the paparazzi following him. In his cover story interview with GQ he revealed his stealthy exit strategies to avoid the papz admitting that he would have five rental cars parked throughout the city with a change of clothes in each. He sometimes went as far as riding in the trunks of cars to avoid the cameras. GQ relayed Robert’s story saying QUOTE – “If he was being followed, he’d dip into one of the lots, switch his clothing and his car, and leave. One day, coming home from Venice, he realized he was being tailed. He drove around for hours because he didn’t want anyone to know where his new house was.” Robert eventually confronted the guy and asked him to leave but instead of complying, the guy said QUOTE – “My boss says I can’t come back until I know where your new house is. Sorry, man.” Definitely sounds like that should be illegal.
Fast forward years later, Robert is now starring in a film called Good Time where he plays a bank robber who changes his appearance to go unnoticed in the streets of New York. Much like what he used to do in real life minus the whole criminal thing. Rob said he definitely used his past experiences for this role telling OK! Magazine QUOTE – “I haven’t had to worry about being chased for a while. But I still remember being stalked by the paparazzi and I was able to channel that into my character – that feeling of being chased and wanting to hide. I started to think of all the tricks I’d use in order to get around without being recognized.”
Ironically enough, Rob said that when filming Good Time, it was the first time people didn’t recognize him during production saying QUOTE – “I was worried that people might recognize me and ruin the shot or start taking their phones out. I was surprised [they didn’t]. This is the first film where not once did anyone come up and start taking photos on their phone.”
And you can see Robert in disguised action when Good Time hits theaters on August 17th. How crazy is it that Rob used to have to go full on James Bond to avoid the paparazzi? Sound off in the comment section below, don’t forget to subscribe and then click right over here to check out a deleted scene from Riverdale. Thanks for watching Clevver News, I’m your host Drew Dorsey and I’ll see you next time.

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