Celebs React to Violence in Charlottesville – Lady Gaga Fans Upset Over Her Tweets

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Celebrities react to the devastating White Supremacist Rallies and Attack in Charlottesville, plus find out why Lady Gaga is being dragged to her response to the incident.
Many are taking to social media to share their outrage over what happened in Charlottesville, and we’ve rounded up some of the most poignant responses from celebs.

Zendaya told it like it is with her Instagram post, sharing a video of the White Supremacist rally along with the QUOTE, “I really don’t know what to say…but this is terrorism. This is America TODAY…not 40 years ago, and your president is silent. Disgusting.” Yup, couldn’t have said it better myself, Z.

Kim Kardashian shared her sadness with a tweet that read QUOTE, “How tragic that this is what we’ve come to. My prayers are w those in Charlottesville & every American who is the target of hate & violence.”

Demi Lovato shared a graphic that read “Stop the Hate” to her Instagram account, along with a lengthy message about the violent rally and attack that read in part QUOTE, “Violence and hate is overwhelming our country today and it’s time that this generation changes that. Black, Muslim, gay, bisexual, trans, etc. you are perfect the way you are and you ARE LOVED. Do not listen to evil no matter how loud it gets.”

Meanwhile Miley Cyrus shared a picture of the woman killed in the attack, Heather Heyer, along with the simple message QUOTE, “If you’re not outraged, you’re not paying attention….. sending love to all and healing to those injured!”

While all of the celebs who posted about what happened in Charlottesville all shared their outrage, sadness, and devastation over what happened, with many encouraging others to take action against the violence and hateful rhetoric of the White Supremacists, one celeb who got dragged for her response to the tragic and disturbing event was Lady Gaga.

Gaga took to Twitter to share a series of tweets about spreading love in the aftermath of the attack, writing QUOTE, “I know we are not created to hate each other, but to help & love. Use hashtag #BeKind #ThisIsNotUS to tweet positive messages. #Charlotte”.

She also Tweeted out a poll, asking users QUOTE, “How do you think it’s best to solve the worlds problems?” with two options for the answer: To #bekind, or to #beviolent. While 78% of her fans voted to be kind, many were not impressed with her tweeting out such a simplistic poll over such an incredibly complicated issue in the first place.

The criticism against Gaga’s “kill ‘em with kindness” attitude was swift, with many people telling her that you can’t simply fight hatred and violence with kindness. One fan wrote QUOTE, “No marginalized group had ever freed themselves from oppression by being kind. This white liberal trope needs to stop,” with another simply writing to her QUOTE, “You cannot fight Nazis with kindness.”

While spreading love and kindness on social media is all good and well, we’re gonna have to agree with the celebs and fans who are arguing that we need to be way more proactive about these issues and do more than just be kind.

We here at Clevver want to extend our heartfelt condolences, thoughts, and prayers to all of those affected by the violent attack at Charlottesville, especially the family and friends of Heather Heyer. And we also want to wish all those injured in the attack a speedy recovery.

Okay guys it’s time you to weigh in with your thoughts on the Charlottesville attack, and do you thinks fans are being too harsh on Lady Gaga’s response or no? Let me hear your thoughts and feelings in the comments below. Thank you guys for joining me on News Feed, I’m your host Drew Dorsey, and I’ll see you soon.

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