Liam Payne & Zedd Treat Fans To SURPRISE Street Performance

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Liam Payne is slaying the charts with his solo music. ‘Strip That Down’ featuring Quavo and his latest ‘Get Low’ with Zedd are both perfect songs to sing along to in the car, in the shower, or wherever else you sing. I don’t know your life. Anyway, Liam and Zedd surprised fans on Monday with the best gift ever. If you follow Zedd on Twitter, you may have seen this tweet where he said, “London – @LiamPayne and I are heading to Trafalgar Square to perform a little fun rendition of Get Low for you – in 10mins! Come through.” I don’t know about you, but if one of my favorite artists tweeted that I would lose my mind if I missed the opportunity to go. Anyway, Zedd wasn’t pranking fans, he actually did show up with Liam.

Although we couldn’t make it to London in time, it appears that fans had a blast. The two artists were shooting the music video for ‘Get Low’ and it looks like it will be a fun one. Liam posted a tweet with this video (video in link with tweet) saying “So much fun these last 2 days with @zedd! Thanks to all the fans that came down and got involved!! Can’t wait to see the video! Much love ”

Liam and Zedd weren’t all that caught people’s attention. Liam was caught smoking a cigarette and has some fans upset because he broke his promise. Back in March, Liam said in an interview with Kiss FM that he stopped smoking for his son. He said, “I just did cold turkey, I knew my son was coming, and I was like, I’m not gonna be smoking with my son, that’s not right.’ My life’s not my own anymore, now, it’s not mine to decide, so smoking had to go.”

Well…it looks like the smoking didn’t go too far. Maybe he had a stressful day, or just wanted a quick puff. Who knows? What I do want to know is what you think about all this? Were you one of the fans that went to see them perform in London and do you think that Liam still smokes regularly? Let us know in the comment section below and then click right over here to see what career Zayn would have pursued if he had not become a famous singer. Thanks so much for hanging out with me here on Clevver! I’m your host Emile Ennis Jr. and I’ll see you soon.

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