Fifth Harmony FIRES BACK At Slutshaming Comments Made By Sarah Harding

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Former ex girl group star Sarah Harding called the girls from 5H Sluts!

…and Dinah Jane is clapping back! Not today Sarah not today!

Sarah Hardling, a singer from The British girl group Girls Aloud has some opinions about Fifth Harmony. She is currently a constant on Celebrity Big Brother and on the show she was asked by her crush Chad Johnson if she’s heard of the group Fifth Harmony she responded saying

“Those slutty ones, yeah. They wear next to nothing. All the girls bands theses days, slutty slutty slutty, sex sells, sex sells.

Chad seemed a bit taken back so she elaborated on what she meant just further digging her self in a bigger hole saying

“When we [Girls Aloud] were touring we didn’t wear much because it was so hot but it’s when they do the videos and it’s all like slut drops and twerking. It’s like, c’mon… We used to have hot, proper dance routines. They just do slut-drops now.”

Can you say cringe worthy? Apparently Sarah considers herself an expert on how girls bands should look and dress…what happened to her group..oh yeah thats right they’re no longer together.

Well Dinah Jane clapped back in the best way possible…showing love!

She told the sun,

“I don’t know who she is.
“If she wants some lessons or something – people always want to learn how to booty pop like Fifth Harmony.
“But shout out to her; keep doing you girl. I really don’t know who she is.”

Despite what Sarah may think about 5H, Dinah wants her to know she dresses the way she does for herself

“I honestly speak for myself; I go out there wearing shorts that I feel comfortable in, maybe because my thighs are my favourite thing about me so I can show them off.
“That’s like my favourite part of my body so I’m definitely going to go out there and show some legs because they’re fine as hell.”
Yes Dinah! We love your legs and your booty pops! I can go on and on about how Sarah’s comments are hypocritical and how us women should really uplift each other but lucky for me the internet has already given her a piece of their mind and I’m pretty sure she’ll be thinking twice the next time she falsely labels anyone! So now I want to hear from you guys. What did you think about Sarah’s comments and how Dinah responded let me know in the comments below and when you;re done with that click here to check out how Lil Mix’s Jesys ex boyfriend revealed how he broke up wth her. Thanks for watching Clever News I’m Jackie Iadonisi ill see you soon.

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