Fifth Harmony REFUSES To Talk About Camila In Awkward Interview

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The girls of 5H are SO over talking about their former group member, as evidenced by a new interview that got super awkward super fast.

When Camila left Fifth Harmony at the end of last year, the remaining girls were probably prepared to be asked lots of questions about the move–how they felt about it, were they insecure being left as a foursome, etcetera. But after answering those types of questions for over half a year now, clearly the girls just want to move on. And we can’t really blame them, considering they’ve already released great new music as a foursome since Camila split.

But in a recent interview with The Sun, the reporter questioning the girls just couldn’t stop himself from asking question after question about Camila, in an obvious attempt to get some shady or controversial soundbite. Unfortunately for him, 5H is way too smart to fall for that gimmick.

The reporter started off by asking about what really happened between them and Camila, and all the girls had to say about that was that they’re focusing on themselves right now. Obviously an indication that the Camila subject is a no-no. But the reporter kept pressing, asking how the girls felt about Camila saying she felt uncomfortable being sexualized by the group, a question the girls also avoided by talking about how confident they feel in their choreography.

But the final straw came next, when the reporter talked about the girls and Camila unfollowing each other on social media, and whether or not they thought they’d all ever be friends again.

Talk about a CRINGE moment, right?! I wasn’t even there and I feel uncomfortable right now.
Lauren later tweeted about the interviewer’s pressing Camila questions, writing QUOTE, “I’m not sure how trying to avoid answering probing questions meant to start drama b/w women is being “diva”..but thanks for the support” followed by a kissy smiley face. I love how that woman just tells it like it is! Dinah also tweeted about the incident, throwing shade at the Australian interviewer with a Darla from finding Nemo gif along with the caption QUOTE: “We just be chillin in our tank while Darla lookin ass folks be buggin like…” Ouch! There’s no way that reporter isn’t gonna feel the sting of that burn.

Alright guys now I wanna know what you think of 5H shutting down the interviewer over Camilia questions–are you surprised or nah? Sound off in the comments below, and after that click here to see how Dinah shuts down slutshaming. Thanks so much for joining me on News Feed, I’m your girl Jackie Iadonisi and I’ll see you next time!

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