Is Little Mix’s “Reggaetón Lento” Remix With CNCO The Next “Despacito”?

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Little Mix just laid down a new version of CNCO hit single Reggaeton Lento! The song was released last year but seeing how successful Justin Bieber’s Despacito remix with Daddy Yankke and Luis Fonsi was, it would be be crazy not to jump on the Spanish remix trend.
You guys this remix is sooo fire, we have to give major props to our girls for their Spanish singing skills take a listen
Muevete Muevete muevete…that means shake it in Spanish just in case you didn’t know! That’s my favorite part but seriously Was I right or was I right! Its FIRE. Now let’s just hope that they actually memorize the lyrics so we can see them perform it live because if they don’t…well you know how that goes. No shade we are totally grateful that Justin could paved the way!
The orginial version of Reggaeton Lento has reached No 6 on Hot Latin Songs, it also hit number 1 on latin pop songs and has 99.8 million on demand streams in the US and guys get this their music video on youtube has 1 billion views. I didn’t even know that was possible but needless to say the original was a HIT! So there is no doubt in my mind that Reggaeton Lento plus Little Mix will be huge!
Alright everyone now I want to hear from you. Do you love this remix of Raggaton Lento let me know your thougths in the comment section below. And when you’re done with that continue to get your music fix by clicking here to check out Justin Biebers newest song. Thanks for hanging out with me right here on Clevver News I’m your host Jackie Iadonisi have a great weekend friends!

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