Jake Paul Accused Of ASSAULTING Ex Alissa Violet

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With great social media presence comes great drama, especially if you’re Jake Paul.
They document their whole lives, but it’s what happens off-camera that counts the most.
The popular YouTube star with over 10 million subscribers is in the limelight for yet another scandal, but this time no one is laughing. On Friday, Jake uploaded a vlog titled “My assistant was assaulted…” where he and other Team 10 member sat down and told the story of how FaZe Banks, Jake’s ex-girlfriend’s new boyfriend, allegedly grabbed Meg Zelly by the neck while out at a club.

Jake went on to say that it “was an offline conversation with no cameras, but when I heard what happened I was so in shock, I was so disgusted that I needed to bring this situation to light.”

Well, that’s not where the story ends.

On the same day, FaZe Banks uploaded a half-hour long video titled “ My girlfriend was assaulted…” where he, along with Jake’s ex, Alissa Violet, told their side of the story. FaZe accuses Team 10 members of trying to drug him and calls out Jake for being a hypocrite because allegedly HE is the abuser. Check it out for yourself
After watching the whole video, some Team 10 fans are switching sides and calling Jake out for his alleged behavior, saying “This made me see Jake in a WHOLE new way.” And “My gosh Jake Paul is on the road to complete serious chaos”

Jake couldn’t let FaZe get the last word, so in his Saturday vlog he mentioned the situation but says that they’re going to handle it off-camera. Although we may not get to see their conversation, we’re sure this isn’t the last we’ve heard about it. Who do you think is telling the truth and how will this affect their careers? Sound off in the comments below!

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