Kendall Jenner UNDER FIRE For Using Dark-Skinned Emoji

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It seems the internet has it out for Kendall Jenner once again. This controversy started on August 16th when Kendall posted The Kardashian clan’s new Hollywood Reporter cover photo on Twitter. The model proudly captioned her family portrait, “Sister power… girl power” and included a fist emoji. But it’s not the fist emoji itself or the caption that people are concerned with. Fans and critics claim the “medium” color of the emoji equals cultural appropriation because it’s not CLOSE to Kendall’s actual skin color.

Really? Yes, this is what Kendall is being called out for. May we argue that it’s that FAR from her skin color either? And who said you had to use an emoji that matched your skin in the first place? One Twitter user called the whole Kardashian family writing, “Y’all are not black. Next time use a white emoji.” Another fan wrote, “girl WHERE TF THAT BROWN FIST COME FROM? U pale as ever.”

Don’t worry some users were quick to point out to pettiness of this argument, “Get a grip and leave the girl alone. Who gives a sh*t about an emoji. Any excuse, there is worse things going on in the world as it is.”

If we had to guess, this hasty backlash may have something to do with previous incidents. The internet was not happy when Kendall was accused of not tipping a bartender in Brooklyn, or when she was part of Adidas new “original” campaign. Not to mention that infamous Pepsi ad where she seemed to appropriate the Black Lives Matter movement. So do you think Kendall actually did something wrong here? Or do you think maybe the internet was quick to point the finger (or fist) at Kendall? Tell us your honest opinion down in the comments! Then click here to watch the most controversial Kendall and Kylie moments.

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