AHS: Cult Drops First Trailer & It Reveals Season’s HORRIFYING Plot

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If you weren’t yet sold on AHS: Cult, you will be now. American Horror Story’s season 7 has finally gifted us it’s first trailer, and it does not disappoint. It begins with Sarah Paulson’s character Ally shrieking in fear when Donald Trump gets elected President, while Evan Peters humps the TV in celebration.

And now that the plot and scene is set, we get a deeper dive into the storyline. Brace yourself, it involves clowns… again.

What you ALSO saw was Billie Lourd’s character Winter as the creepiest nanny you could ever hire for your child. And she gifts Sarah Paulson’s son a Twisty the Clown doll which may look familiar to diehard fans. The trailer goes on to see Sarah’s character Ally live out her fear of murderous clowns as they follow her everywhere. The trailer ends with a gun in Ally’s hand.

Meanwhile, Evan Peter’s character Kai is torturing someone and we hear him taunt, “What’s the most intense physical pain you’ve ever experienced?” Okay, we’re officially freaked out. It’s clear that Billie’s character and Evan’s character are part of this season’s namesake cult. Season 7 also stars Colton Haynes, Billy Eichner, Lena Dunham, and more.

Thank you AHS, because now we’re never going to be able to sleep in the dark ever again. AHS fans tell us below what your favorite part of this new trailer was? Leave those horrifying moments below. After that, check out this update about Stranger Things getting renewed for a third, and possibly fourth season.

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