FaZe Banks FIRES BACK On Twitter Amid Assault Claims

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Just when we thought it couldn’t get any worse, it did.
Jake Paul and Team 10 break their truce with FaZe Banks and Alissa Violet just hours after meeting in person.
It has been an insane week in the YouTube world, especially if you’re a Jake Pauler or part of the FaZeClan. In case you somehow have missed out on all the drama, both Jake and FaZe have been going back and forth accusing each other of assault after Jake uploaded a video saying that Faze allegedly assaulted his assistant on purpose by grabbing her neck.
FaZe hit back with a video of his own calling Team 10 liars and even getting his girlfriend, and Jake’s ex, Alissa Violet involved by saying that Jake has allegedly abused Alissa as well as other girls. This didn’t go over well with Team 10 members Jake’s assistant, Meg Zelly, even posted her OWN video trying to prove that the bruise on her neck is real.
Both Jake and FaZe announced in videos that they were going to meet in person and call a truce. Apparently Jake reached out to FaZe first saying “ let’s call a truce, put this on pause. I’m not gonna have any of my guys upload on this and I’d appreciate it if you guys would pump the breaks, too”
This seemed like a rational and mature response to take due to the severity of the claims being made, no one should take physical abuse lightly and we were happy to see both sides willing to talk about it off-camera.
And just yesterday FaZe tweeted that he was “on his way to meet Jake Paul”. We thought that this would be the end of it, but Team 10 had other plans.
Just hours after the two apparently met to talk things through, Meg Zelly and Jake’s current girlfriend Erika Costell, did a Skype interview with FOX News talking about the incident and re-iterating how FaZe allegedly hurt Meg on purpose. We were under the impression that no one was to talk about the incident anymore, and apparently FaZe thought the same thing because he tweeted out his anger and frustration moments after the segment aired saying “ I hope everyone really understands how serious this sh*t is. I can’t actually believe this.”
FaZe has said that he is working as hard as he can to get security footage from the alleged attack and that his only goal is to clear his name. This situation just keeps getting worse and with so many people pointing fingers we don’t even know where to look!
Do you think the girls should have done an interview with FOX News and was FaZe’s response appropriate? Let us know in the comments below and then click here to get even MORE info about how messy this situation is. As always, I’m your host Zoë Lillian, thanks for tuning in.

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