Jake Paul ADMITS He Was Fired By Disney & Gets Banned From Vlogging

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In the latest update to the saga, Jake Paul has been banned from vlogging in the team 10 house and is looking for a new place.
Looks like Jake’s neighbors are finally getting what they wanted.
After receiving several fines for fire safety violations, Jake and his crew have been given strict vlogging restrictions that prohibit team 10 from filming inside their house. If they do not abide by these restrictions they could face up to six months in prison so it’s clear that the city of Los Angeles’ law enforcement is not messing around. Jake’s pal Nick explained it all in Jake’s last vlog he could conduct in the house. Check it out:
According to legal documents that have surfaced online, Jake and the rest of team 10 have received numerous fines from the City of LA fire department after the city took notice of their fire related antics. The documents state that no resident of the home can set anything on fire in a way that could harm others around them. Fair. This all came about after they set a mattress on fire as well a countertop.
Jake has addressed his behavior and spoke to the Hollywood Reporter about his van incident in which he jumped on a news van which ultimately led to him getting fired from the Disney Channel. Speaking on the incident he said QUOTE – “Looking back, I see why everyone was like, ‘Yo, this kid sucks.’ Cause I look super immature, but we’re not even that loud. Like, yes, we had a furniture fire get out of control in our backyard one time. But that didn’t harm a single person.”
On getting fired from Disney, Jake recounted what happened saying QUOTE – “I was becoming edgier with my content. I don’t know if they were having someone scan my videos full-time, but I’m guessing they were. They basically called me and were like, ‘Yo, what’s going on, what’s going on?’ And I just explained the situation, and they were like, ‘OK. We want to expedite this process of weaning you off the show.’ And I was like, ‘Yeah, that’s fine. But it’s going to look like you guys fired me.’ And they were like, ‘We can say that we mutually parted ways and blah, blah, blah.’ And that’s the reality of the story.”
While setting objects on fire and jumping on news vans have contributed to Jake’s problems with neighbors, the presence of crowds of fans outside of his home is not one that he is behind. He said QUOTE – “They are yelling at the neighbors, they’re in the street, they’re chanting my name and taking up parking. I have made multiple videos telling fans not to come to our house. I feel like a zoo animal.”
But he is looking for a new place. He said – “The problem is, we can’t put my name on the lease. Because if they look me up now, then they would see all this bad stuff.”
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