Lady Gaga SOBS That She’s “Alone” In Intimate Documentary Clips

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Lady Gaga reveals some emotional teasers for her upcoming Netflix documentary: Five Foot Two.
It seems there’s a lot of things Mother Monster has been keeping from us this year.
Today, Lady Gaga confirmed she has an intimate new documentary coming to Netflix and will premiere it first at the Toronto International Film Festival. The best news is that with this announcement comes a ton of teasers. Gaga has been posting clips on her social media all night, including a tweet that explains the title reading, “I’m known for being larger than life, but really I’m just… #GagaFiveFootTwo”. Gaga dropped the official poster for the series via a huge grid on her Instagram page, and sees Gaga with a third eye melting off her face into a rainbow.

The first clip Gaga shared is a heart wrenching phone conversation where she talks about how deeply alone she feels.
A second teaser reveals Gaga’s Super Bowl halftime rehearsal. We see her feet dangling from a harness as she gets lifted high into the air to practice her opening. But behind the costumes and makeup, it seems Mother Monster has been going through some major emotional and physical struggles. Another intimate clip reveals Gaga’s health is not what we think, and we’re honestly not sure what is going on here.
A different clip shows Gaga talking about her ongoing feud with Madonna, but the video cuts off before she’s able to reveal her thoughts. Interestingly, Gaga herself hasn’t seen the full documentary. In an Instagram audio clip, Gaga admits it was her choice not to see the doc, because she can’t be objective about herself.

The film promises to give us an unfiltered look at Gaga’s personal highs and lows over the past year, including recording her “Joanne” album, and her split from fiance Taylor Kinney.

We’ll get to see the full documentary the same day that Gaga does when it drops on September 22. What do you guys think of these teasers so far? Are you as shocked by them as we are? After leaving your comments below click here to see Ariana Grande’s recent health scare. As always I’m your host Ashley Iaconetti, thanks so much for tuning in to Clevver.

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