Taylor Swift Drops Kanye West Diss Track “Look What You Made Me Do”

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Taylor Swift just dropped her comeback single and her lyrical daggers seems to be pointed at one rapper in particular.
Yes, Kanye West, we’re looking at you.
Taylor Swift just dropped the first single from her upcoming 6th album “Reputation”. The track dubbed “Look What You Made Me Do” continues her pop era, but seems to have turned to a very dark place. The song continues Taylor’s revengeful tone from “Bad Blood” but has “Kanye West diss track” written all over it. The single doesn’t directly reference him by name, but it doesn’t have to. Just take a careful listen at some of Taylor’s twisted lyrics.
We’re not the only ones that think “tilted” stage is a direct reference to Kanye’s tilted stage during his Saint Pablo world tour. Of course, we all know what those “little games” and “of the fool” means- referencing that reputation burning phone call that Kim Kardashian leaked of Taylor and Kanye discussing his song “Famous”. And Taylor seems to directly reference that earth shattering phone call towards the end of her song.
That, combined with the chorus chanting “Look What You Made Me Do”, insinuates that Taylor (or Kanye, rather) killed a part of herself that can’t come back. Additional lyrics that seem to point the finger at Kanye and Kim include, “Another day another drama, drama/ But not for me, Not for me/ All I think about is karma.”

Yikes, karma looks like it involves Taylor dropping her 6th album “Reputation” on the 10th anniversary of Kanye’s Mother’s passing. It’s safe to say this Kanye, Kim, Taylor feud STILL isn’t over just yet. Tell us if you think “Look What You Made Me Do” is clearly a Kanye diss track? After that click here to see Kim Kardashian block the snake emoji on her social media. As always I’m your host Renee Shafii, I’ll see you guys next time.

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