Fans Suspect The REAL Taylor Swift Is Hidden In “Look What You Made Me Do” Vid

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It’s been an absolute frenzy on the interwebs since Taylor Swift dropped her brand new music video for ‘Look What You Made Me Do’ Sunday night at the MTV Video Music Awards. Since the release, fans have been analyzing every second of the vid, so it’s really no surprise that some very observant Swifties uncovered something pretty cool at the very end of the video.
So, if you’re like me and have seen the video at least 17 times, then you know that at the very end, 14 versions of Taylor stand in a line, criticizing each other, making not so subtle jabs at real life situations involving Taylor over the years. But what you might have missed is that there is another quieter Taylor that’s perhaps too busy to get involved in the girl fight.
Did you spot the real Tay?
There has been a major surge on the web pointing out the extra Taylor who is seen on the wing of the plane behind the girls, watching them all very quietly. That version of Taylor is actually not a version at all. It’s the real Taylor, according to the internet. And there’s a reason she’s so quiet.
One Swiftie took to Tumblr, saying QUOTE “I can’ help but think if that Taylr on the plane behind all the other Taylors represents the actual Taylor? Like she created all the different archetypes for each era, but her real self is someone who isn’t portrayed 100% on the media and is forced into the background?”
Now that’s deep.
Taylor Swift has added majorly to the theories by liking several Tumblr posts that suggest the very same theory. One thing is for sure- we could write a “what you may have missed’ novel based solely on this video.
While I get to work on that, I want to hear all your thoughts on the REAL Taylor theory so get to talking in the comments below. Then click right over here to find out if Taylor mocked Kim kardashian’s robbery in the new video. Thanks so much for hanging out with me, I’m your host Sinead de Vries, hit that subscribe button, and I’ll see you all right back here on Clevver News.

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