Millie Bobby Brown Has BIG Crush On Shawn Mendes

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It all started that Sunday night at the 2017 MTV VMAs when the universe allowed Millie Bobby Brown and Shawn Mendez to cross paths and boom instant butterflies…
It was no secret that the two were kicking it at the award show as we saw via Shawns instagram stories. The two were being super goofy with one another in a boomerang BUT what we didn’t see was the moments off camera where the stranger things star was totally freaking out.
an eyewitness told that the fangirling continued at the Republic Records after party at TAO in LA saying quote
“She was freaking out when she saw him. She was easily a big fan and got the nerve to ask for a picture and he obliged. He was really nice to her and she was so happy with the interaction. She had a full fan moment with him!” How cute is that?
Millie took to twitter to share about their interaction saying
Aww Shawn! You’re the coolest. loved meeting you.
Notice that heart emoji there! And what does Shawn think of Millie? Glad you asked he tweeted out
@milliebobbybrown is the coolest. And just a sidenote Haille Baldwin totally cosigned and retweeted Shawns tweet. I love how down to earth Millie is…the girl blew up overnight and is super famous herself but she isn’t afraid to show other celebs how much she loves them! As if we needed any more reasons to love her…
Alright guys you know what time it is, I am turning it over to you what did you think about Millie crushing on Shawn Mendes and in 5 years would you ship them as a couple? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below and when you’re done with that click here to check out 10 best moments from the VMAs…I’m telling you magic happened that night. Thanks for watching Clevver News I’m Jackie Iadonisi I’ll see you next time.

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