New Riverdale Cast Member Says She’s Getting DEATH Threats From Bughead Fans

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Just yesterday we told you all about how excited we were about Vanessa Morgan joining the Archie crew. Vanessa is bringing comic book character Toni Topaz to life in season two, and she is spilling some behind-the-scenes secrets about what to expect.
Toni will be the first known bisexual on the tv show, which is a huge step forward towards inclusion, acceptance and representation. She is also the only girl in Southside Serpents, the gang that Jughead joined at the end of season one. We found out that there will be some possible tension between the two that could upset Betty and Jughead when Vanessa said that she “stirs it up a bit for Bughead.”
Although that definitely gave us information that we have been dying to know, it may not have been the best thing to spill. We know that Bughead fans are some of the most passionate fans of the show, which is why some of them were less than pleased with the news that their favorite couple may be calling it quits in season two.
In an interview with Glamour magazine, Vanessa revealed that ever since she spoke out about what Toni may or may not do to Bughead, she’s been receiving death threats. Yes, you heard that right, death threats.
Vanessa said “I’ve already had some death threats. But the thing is, it’s half death threats because they don’t want that happening, and there’s half that’s just all love. Who knows if my character coming between Bughead is even going to happen. People are just jumping to conclusions.”
Yikes. It is never okay to send death threats to someone, but even more so when it’s about a fictional character that they’re simply reading the script for! Thankfully it seems that she is taking it all in stride and choosing to focus on the outpouring of love she has received. We’re sure she can’t wait to join the crew- especially since Madelaine Petsch, AKA Cheryl Blossom, and her are BFFs in real life.
Vanessa is set to appear in five episodes throughout the series, guaranteeing that we’ll definitely get to know her pretty well. So, what do you think? How crazy is it that Vanessa’s getting death threats and do you really Toni will come between Bughead? Let us know in the comments below and then click her to see who Milly Bobby Brown’s adorable celeb crush is! I’m Emile Ennis Jr., thanks for tuning in.

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