Kylie Jenner Reveals Most SHOCKING Fear On New Life of Kylie

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Kylie Jenner opens up about her biggest fear on an all-new Life of Kylie promo, and trust us when we say, it’s not at all what you‘d think…

But if you, too, have an irrational fear of butterflies, then you’d totally understand.

That’s right, we said it: Kylie Jenner has a rather shocking, and slightly uncommon phobia of butterflies – you know, those colorful creatures that flutter through the sky completely minding their own business – yeah, those things.

The ground-breaking news came out just yesterday during an all-new teaser for her reality show Life of Kylie when Kylie and Jordyn Woods visit a butterfly sanctuary at a local zoo in London, and just as you’d expect, the outcome was pretty hilarious…

Ok, so that rationality makes sense when you really think about it, but just a quick thought here… if you’re completely terrified of butterflies, wouldn’t a butterfly sanctuary be the last place you’d think to visit? That’s just like going sky diving with a fear of heights. But hey, it makes for great reality TV…

And one Twitter user even went as far to point out what a butterfly would actually look like without wings, also stating QUOTE, “Yet the reaction they get is way different to similar bugs” and after actually seeing that, I’ve gotta say, Kylie has a point here…

Although the zoo keepers tried to reassure Kylie that they don’t bite, there was still no calming her down, and when it comes to which butterflies she fears, she made sure to confirm that it’s not just one species, but ALL of them. Like many of us, her best friend Jordyn was also shocked as she asked how Kylie could ever hate something so beautiful, but hey, to each their own, I guess!

But I have a feeling Kylie isn’t the only one, so right now I want to know your thoughts on her fear of butterflies, and if you can totally see her point, so get to talking down here in the comments and after that, click right over here to see what Kim Kardashian had to say about Trump… thanks for hanging out with me here on Clevver News, I’m your host Renee Ariel and I’ll see you next time.

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