5 Things We HOPE To See On Taylor Swift’s Reputation Album

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And we can’t help but beg the MUSIC GODS for an epic Taylor Swift/ Selena Gomez collaboration because, it’s about time, right?! Sadly, there has been talk that the two are not so close anymore, but there is even more talk that a T-Swift + SelGo collab is ACTUALLY about to go down. Now the only question is, what would a Taylor/Selena collab sound like? With Taylor’s new alternative pop sound, it’s practically a perfect match for Selena, who’s also got this darker, edgy thing going on right now too. Either way, if that album drops and Selena is, in fact, on it, prepare for the internet to implode. Like, actually.
But speaking of Taylor’s new sound, we really hope this album’s got a whole lot of it. These alternative pop vibes really work for her, and it would be a interesting change of pace from 1989… But what if we took it one step further? Could Taylor Swift go full on rock n roll on some of these new tracks? Looking at the album cover, we’re thinking that’s not such a far-fetched thought, after all. We’re not totally sure how different this album will be musically, but based on what we’ve seen so far, some things have definitely changed, and we are so here for it.
Obviously we will always still love OG Taylor who sang about boys and falling in love, so there should definitely be AT LEAST one song to give us all the feels. Now, the possibilities are endless. We’ve got the epic Tayvin love story, the shocking Tayvin breakup, the out of control whirlwind relationship that is Hiddleswift, the not so shocking Hiddleswift breakup, and of course her current flame… Joe. Listen, everybody else can speak for themselves, I will always love a good Taylor Swift love song.
But I’ve got a feeling that Reputation will be going in a different direction than what we’ve come to expect from Tay Tay.. AKA get ready for more than just romance, because Taylor’s got a lot to get off of her chest. But we’re really just hoping to get deep. Like, where have you been Taylor? What have you really been going through? It’s been a while since Taylor’s opened up publicly, so now we’re ready to hear it straight from T herself. Luckily for us, I think she’s ready to let it all out.
And to bring it all full circle, there’s gotta be a fierce girl power ANTHEM that instantly becomes the theme song of our lives.
Whether any of our wishes come true, in Taylor we trust to deliver a solid album, so can it be November already? Pass the time by sharing your hopes for Reputation down in the comments below, and then you can click right here to find out if Taylor really just threw some major shade at Tom Hiddleston and Priyanka Chopra, yikes. And of course, hit that subscribe button. I’m Sinead de Vries, thanks for watching, & I’ll see you all back here soon on Clevver News.

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