Khloe Kardashian Reveals 2 MAJOR Things Her Family Regrets Filming

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10 years is really long time to be on TV, so there’s bound to be something you don’t want people to see, right? Well, this year marks the 10th anniversary of Keeping Up With The Kardashians and Khloe is opening up about a couple thing she wish never aired. In an essay Khloe wrote for Glamour, Khlo reflects on the past 10 years of her life and starts at the very beginning: before the show!

If you didn’t know, before the show Khloe & Kourtney ran two clothing stores (before they became tourist attractions) and she said they did everything from the “the taxes to the housekeeping, to the inventory.” And they were very happy about it and surprisingly weren’t interested in doing a tv show. But when Ryan Seacrest approached the family and Kris Jenner about doing the show they knew everyone had to be in it or it wouldn’t work. If Khloe only knew 10 years later their family would become one of the most famous families in America and dare I say the world?!

Thanks to the Kardashians we’ve had 10 years of juicy television gold but in the essay Khloe also touches upon things she wishes we all had never seen. She says
“Not every episode is juicy to us; it’s only juicy to the audience, “Things like Kim’s robbery or Caitlyn’s transition? That’s the kind of stuff we wish we had never filmed. We aren’t ever like, ‘Oooh! Let’s do this for season nine,'” she continued. “This is our life, and these are the things that happen. And it’s funny—when we decide not to shoot things, people feel slighted. But when we film too much, they’re like, “Oh, you never should have filmed that.” It’s a catch-22.”

We gotta give it to Khloe though because over the years she’s allowed the show to film her getting arrested for a DUI, her divorce with Lamar Odom, and remember that whole thing when people thought she wasn’t Kris’ daughter?

Khloe concluded the essay by saying her and her family are surprised by how long the show has lasted and when you put a microscope up to any family – you’re bound to find cracks in it.

I for one am excited for Keeping Up With The Kardashians season 14 is set to premiere Sunday October 1st on E! but I want to know all your thoughts on what you think they Kardashians should film and what they should keep under wraps. Do you think they should have to share everything on TV? Sound off in the comments below and after that click over here to find out what people are saying about Kim Kardashian posing nude while climbing a tree! Thanks for hanging with me here on Clevver News, I’m your host Naz Perez and don’t forget to subscribe!

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