Drake Bell Says Josh Peck Feud Brought Them Closer & Defends “Hurt Feelings”

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There really is no better way to kick off the week than by hearing the sweet sound of comradery between two formerly-feuding costars, so we can all breathe a unanimous sigh of relief knowing that Drake Bell and Josh Peck’s bond is tighter than ever following their public feud after Drake wasn’t invited to Josh’s wedding back in June.

Their emotional reunion went down just weeks ago during the VMAs when Drake made an appearance in Josh’s YouTube vlog and the two acted as though there was not a single feud in sight.

And just this weekend, Drake opened up about how the two couldn’t be closer in an interview with Us Weekly, saying QUOTE, “It’s interesting, we’re actually closer than we’ve been in a while. It’s totally great. It’s all love. We’re brothers, man. We’ve been working together for 18 years, maybe even longer now. So we’ve had our ups, we’ve had our downs, it’s like we’re real brothers. It’s kind of that sibling rivalry and sibling love and it’s the whole thing.”

He went on to talk about their reunion at the VMAs, also mentioning that the two talked about meeting up that day during a phone conversation, but that he was still a little nervous to confront Josh after tweeting about not being invited to his wedding. He said QUOTE, “I was really happy that it happened organically. And he just kind of walked up behind me and I was like, ‘Oh. We have to deal with this right now.’ And so we were able to talk and hash it out and it’s all good.”

And clearly seeing first-hand the genuine happiness they possess in Josh’s vlog, it seems only necessary to declare this feud OVER. But despite the much-needed reunion, Drake still believes that his hurt feelings were justified by the infamous wedding snub. He finished the interview by adding, “I don’t think it’s silly that I got upset for not getting invited to the wedding. But I was shocked at how viral it went. But it just goes to show that there is a real love for the show and for these characters.”

Because there’s no bond stronger than a bond that true brothers share! We’re so happy these two were able to hash things out, and I think I speak for the entire fandom when I say that since the air has officially been cleared, this means we can prepare for an actual Drake and Josh TV reunion, right? We can only hope, but I want to hear all your thoughts on Drake and Josh putting an end to their feud, so get to talking down here in the comments and after that, be sure to click right over here to see what Zayn had to say on the backlash surrounding Taylor Swift’s new music. Thanks for hanging out with me here on Clevver News, I’m your host Renee Ariel and I’ll see you next time.

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