Dove Cameron Gives AMAZING Advice To Fan On What To Do When She Feels Sad

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Last night a fan on twitter posted screenshots of some dms Dove sent her while she was feeling down and said QUOTE, “this has helped me a lot and it might help other people too so, things to do when you’re feeling sad”

And then Dove quote retweeted the image with a little smiley face.

A few hours later she took to Insta to share it with her casual 14 million followers and said, “wrote this as a reply to one of my sweet fans, and realized it might be helpful for more than one human today. i love you all”

One of her solid pieces of advice was QUOTE, “crying will always help.” and we couldn’t agree more.

She added, “turn off all electronics, no social media, take off your shoes, take off your makeup, wear something loose-fitting that you feel good in (something soft) and eat good food” Yup I can guarantee at least a little bit of a mood shift with a nice tasty donut.

She finished her words of wisdom with, “talk to people as much as you can. family and friends included. you’ll find that your brain will start to lace itself back together overtime.”

Dove has been pretty candid about her mental health in the past, telling fans on twitter that she has anxiety but it’s QUOTE “made me that much more disciplined in my thoughts. So it has been a blessing in disguise.”

What did you think of Dove’s advice to her fans? Tell us in the comments below and then click right over here to see why Selena feels like she has no friends. Thanks for watching Newsfeed, I’m your host Ava Gordy and we’ll see you guys next time!

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