Gigi Hadid LOSES Shoe On NYFW Runway & Handles It Like A Pro

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But thanks to her on point blue steel face, it looks like it was perfectly planned. She continues to walk down that runway as if she owns the place. It’s actually kind of hilarious in the video though how the camera pans back over to the lonely high heel, just waiting to be picked up by a friend. Well if there is anything to learn from this video courtesy of TMZ, it’s that we can all take a quick tip from supermodel Gigi Hadid, when you lose a shoe, keep on keepin’ on. The heel of the shoe must have not been properly secured back stage, so we are just happy this didn’t result in a broken ankle. Fans took to twitter to share some love for gigi, stating “gigi hadid walking for Anna Sui like a pro”. And “the one shoe wonder @gigihadid closing @annasui by leaning on sister @bellahadid” Now this isn’t a total surprise to us to see this level of professionalism from the Hadid’s. After all, her and her younger sister both come from their mom, who also was a model back in her hay day. What do you think of these highheel hijinx? Does this make Gigi just that much cooler? Or is it nice to see the human side of supermodels? Let me know in the comment section below, and don’t forget to subscribe. If you haven’t had enough of clevver yet, check out Zayn talking about The backlash against T-Swift by clicking here. Thanks for watching, i’m tom plumley, i’ll see ya next time.

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