FaZe Banks SPITS On Jake Paul Fans When They Show Up To His House

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The mega-popular YouTubers have been in a huge drama-filled feud ever since FaZe was accused of physically assaulting Jake’s assistant, Meg Zelly, at a club. There have been tons of videos and interviews done about the incident and while we still don’t really know what exactly happened, the incident hasn’t been brought up in a few weeks by either party.
Just yesterday we told you all about how Alissa Violet, Jake’s ex, was moving in with FaZe, her boyfriend of less than three months. The two vlogged the whole thing and seemed so genuinely happy that we thought they were putting the drama behind them and focusing on the future.
Well, we were totally wrong and honestly shouldn’t have been so hopeful. Yesterday a video emerged of FaZe spitting – yes, actually spitting – on Jake Paul fans who showed up at his house.
The fans, known as Jake Paulers, were blasting “It’s Everyday Bro”, Jake’s most popular diss-track that calls out FaZe’s friend Rice Gum and Alissa.
Fan immediately split into sides. While some defended FaZe saying ““Maybe stay off of peoples private property? Just because he’s popular doesn’t give them the right to go to his house and invade his privacy, you wouldn’t want anyone doing it to you so why would you do it to someone else?” Others were disgusted by his actions and mentioned how when fans rolled up to the Team 10 house playing Rice Gum and Alissa’s diss-track “It’s Everynight Sis”, no spitting was done.
What do you think? Was what Banks did totally gross or was it justified because people were on his property? Let us know in the comments below and then click here to see why Alissa Violet had to move out of her old apartment. I’m Sinead de Vries, thanks for tuning in.

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