Niall Horan Drops BEAUTIFUL “Too Much To Ask” Ballad & Gives Album, Tour Details

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So as you heard the song starts out kind of moody, but then it picks up into a great ballad-ish type of jam and i got to say, this is a great market for niall horan. He fits that gentle upbeat love song category really really well. All the 1d boys are out their grinding on their own music game and it’s so fun to hear how each one of them expresses their musical voice. Just listen to the chorus, it is beautiful.

This 24 year old is pulling out all the folky vibes for this new jam, and it works, it only makes us wonder if this is going to be the tone of the rest of the flicker album? Or is this just a taste.

Also, leave it to Niall to make the F-word sound so gentle and poignant. The lyrics tell a story about missing a girl, and the notes take us on the journey. As far as professional comment on the song goes, niall said “it’s a special one. I actually wrote this song the day after I wrote ‘this town’ so i felt like it got off to an alright start when i started writing the album[…] It’s a very ice, beautiful song and means a lot to me. I just can’t wait for people to hear it. Hopefully fingers crossed that people are going to like it, obviously a lot different to ‘Slow hands’.

PICKUP **** So if you’re wondering when niall is going to be on tour for his new album, niall has announced that he is doing a biiig north american tour next year with the country star Maren Morris! Niall and Maren collaborated for a track on his upcoming new album — this tour is going to be awesome. He’s starting next year on june first in australia, coming to the u.s on july 18th, and touring north america all the way through september. , all the way through, so get ready because presale tickets go on sale next friday september 22nd! If you’re a citi cardmember you will have access to those tickets several days before on tuesday september 19th. ****

So now the question we all are asking is: when does the full album of flicker come out? Answer: october 20th. OH and in case you’ve been living under a rock, niall is on tour right now.. Yes. right now. What do you guys think of this new single? Are you a big fan? Orrrrr not so much/. Let me know in the comment section down below and when you’re done with that, be sure to subscribe to clevver news for more fresh updates. Oh also, click right over here to hear shawn talk about how drakes security roughed him up. I’m tom plumley, i’ll see ya next time.

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