Melissa McCarthy & More Celebs REACT To Sean Spicer Crashing The 2017 Emmys

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Yup, that dude of White House Press Secretary fame, the guy who stuck up for Donald Trump right up until he was FIRED by him, made an unforgettable surprise appearance at the 2017 Emmy Awards. Host Steven Colbert was saying that this year’s Emmy’s had the biggest audience of all time, when he decided to bring out someone known for his not-so-accurate statements on audience sizes: the Spicer.

Ever. Celeb. Lost their sh*t. I think Anna Chlumsky was… all of us. Don’t miss the ladies of Modern Family. I mean, the memes alone of this moment is what I’m living for right now. But all eyes were on Melissa McCarthy who does a better Sean Spicer than Sean Spicver himself. She lips were smiling but her face was not impressed. Neither were many of the reactions on the internet. Many Twitter users blasted the moment for attempting to “normalize” a man who spread lies during his time as press secretary. One person tweeted “Dear Sean Spicer: That did not absolve you from being on the wrong side of history.” Another wrote “Saying you like Sean Spicer after one joke, and after all the havoc he has caused…you deserve to be smacked silly.” Or “Sean Spicer stood in the White House and lied to the American ppl. Bringing him on the Emmys is just as bad as Fallon ruffling Trump’s hair.” Which was a reference to Jimmy Fallon whom during the 2016 presidential elections interviewed Trump and played with his hair on The Tonight Show. I was somewhere between hahaha Sean Spicer and f*ck Sean Spicer. But that’s just me. The real question is, should Melissa and Spicer have taken a pic together like a step toward peace? Or should she have punched him in the groin? I’m just kidding. Neither. This Emmy’s surprise was awkward enough. But let me know how YOU reacted below, then click here for the highlights on Colbert’s opening monologue which, Spicer aside, he killed by the way. I’m your girl Miriam Isa, follow me on my socials, and see you soon!

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