Kim Kardashian Talks First Celeb Crush, Impersonates Kourtney & Spills All To Ellen

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After being in the public eye for basically 10 years now and airing all her dirty laundry out on TV, you would THINK that those who keep up with the Kardashians know everything there is to know about Kim K. Well, think again because Ellen proved us all wrong by asking Kim some pretty creative questions on her new YouTube series, ‘Ellen’s Show Me More Show.’
In the show’s first episode, Kim had the honor of being the first one to grace the hot seat and answer some of Ellen’s burning questions and the first question might have been a little shocking to Kris Jenner. Kim was asked to name a secret she kept from her parents in high school and she revealed that she cheated on her tests like, a lot a lot.
I feel like Kris would be mad at that, but because high school was so long ago for Kimmy she probably doesn’t even care anymore. Kim went on to reveal that if she had to pick one Kanye song to listen to for the rest of her life, it would be this one.
And she also did a spot on impression of her big sister, Kourtney.
Pretty good, right? Anyway, in case you’re DYING for more fun Kim K tidbits, she also revealed in the segment that her first celebrity crush was Johnny Depp, if she could have anyone play her in a movie it would be Kylie, her top style icon is Cher, and she would rather be stuck in an elevator with Khloe than Kendall – sorry Kenny.
So, do you guys think you know Kim K a little better now after watching this after show segment? Let me know your new favorite Kim fact in the comment section below. When you’re done with that, click right over here to find out what sweet “safety” gift North gave Kim before her trip to Paris. Thanks for hanging with me on Clevver News, I’m your host Naz Perez, don’t forget to subscribe and I’ll see ya next time!

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