Bella Hadid Hilariously PRANK Calls Gigi During Radio Interview

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Gigi has been in London promoting her newest collection with Tommy Hilfiger and yesterday morning she stopped by BBC Radio 1 to do a an interview with Nick Grimshaw. At one point in the show, there was a caller with a british accent who phoned in and wanted to speak to Gigi about how she initially got into modeling. Turns out that that caller was none other than Gigi’s little sister Bella.
Naturally Gigi recognized her sister’s voice and after Bella’s identity was revealed, she had the sweetest message for Gigi saying QUOTE – “You know what, I’m so proud of you. She was so excited this morning to come on this show, so I’m so happy you’re there, G, I’m so proud of you.”
How sweet is that? But Bella wasn’t the only one who took a stab at trying a British accent during the interview. The host challenged Gigi to break down slang terms from the Yorkshire area of England where Zayn Malik is from and Gigi actually had the accent down pretty well. She revealed that she loves to imitate her boyfriend and Zayn always thinks she’s making fun of him but she assures him saying – “Babe, I just love the accent!'” Gigi also revealed that Zayn has been immersing her in the British culture by teaching her how to cook the perfect roast. But Gigi sweetly told the Daily Mail that she’ll never be able to prepare it better than Zayn’s mum.
I love it. How cute is it that Bella called to prank her sister? Sound off in the comment section below, don’t forget to subscribe and then click right over here to hear Gigi impersonate Zayn’s accent. Thanks for watching Clevver News, I’m your host Drew Dorsey and I’ll see you next time.

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