First Look At Riverdale’s Hiram Lodge & Cast Talks Adding More Archie-Verse Roles

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It’s the moment we thought might never come- it’s time to get your first look at one of Riverdale’s most talked about characters, that didn’t actually appear on the first season of the hit CW show, Mr. Hiram Lodge, AKA Veronica Lodge’s mysterious father, who’s been released from prison just in time to bring all the drama in season 2.

Entertainment Weekly shared an exclusive first look of Hiram from the upcoming season, locking arms with Hermione, Veronica’s mother. So… apparently they’re getting along just fine, or at least they’re pretending to be fine. Yeah… that definitely seems more likely.

As part of EW’s exclusive Riverdale sneak peek, Mark Consuelos, who will be taking on the role of Hiram, gave fans some insight into his character. Speaking on last season, Mark compares Hiram to QUOTE “… Jaws. You didn’t see him. You knew he was there. There’s danger there. His presence is felt.”

Well, we all definitely felt that uneasiness whenever Hiram’s name was mentioned last season, but his approach to his family might surprise us this time around. Mark shared QUOTE “He loves loves loves his family and he’s fiercely protective over all of that and anything that has anything to do or comes into contact with his family.”

So, Is it actually possible that we might end up liking this guy? Maybe… But Mark also spilled QUOTE “Also, he probably loves power a little bit too. He’s enamored with that.” Sounds like drama.
No surprise there, 2 Lodges were dramatic as is, but 3 are definitely going to take it to the next level. Marisol Nichols shared a pic of her on-screen fam on her Instagram, writing QUOTE “Lodges are back baby”
But don’t get too comfortable, Varchie shippers Hiram might be stirring up some trouble for Archie because, after all, he didn’t exactly get permission to date his daughter. Mark shared what’s in store for Archie, telling EW QUOTE “Is he manipulating him or mentoring him? Is he mentoring him or is he seeing what he’s made of? You really really don’t know, and I think that’s the fun part.”

Well, he did say he’s protective over his family. Guess we’ll have to wait and see just how much drama he’s bringing this season, and with less than one month until the show is back on our screens, even the cast of Riverdale are getting excited about the potential of even more new characters. Your favorite Riverdale babes shared their dream Archie-verse characters with Entertainment Weekly, and they must have read our minds because a certain witch was one of their picks.

And Camila Mendes reminded us that Jughead has a little sister named Jellybean that we’ve also yet to meet.
If it were up to Cole Sprouse, he’d love to see Fangs Fogerty from the ‘Little Archie’ comics.

But Lili Reinhart was a little realistic.

Either way, IT NEEDS TO BE OCTOBER 11th ALREADY. So. Close.

In the meantime, I want to hear from all of you, so share your thoughts on Hiram Lodge & your picks for new characters down in the comments section, and then you can click here a Stranger Things Season 2 update that includes Justice For Barb. And of course, don’t forget to hit that subscribe button for all the latest on your favorite TV shows & stars. Thanks so much for checking in with me here on Clevver News, I’m Sinead de Vries, and I’ll see you guys next time.

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