Dylan Sprouse & Brenda Song Have ADORABLE Suite Life Reunion

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Cole and Dylan Sprouse might’ve moved on to bigger and better things since their Disney Channel days, but when some of our favorite stars reunite, proving that they ARE indeed still as close as ever, it brings us pure nostalgic joy.
The most recent duo to throw it way back, giving us all the feels was Dylan Sprouse and Brenda Song, who have reunited since their Suite Life of Zack and Cody Disney days. Just yesterday, Dylan posted a photo to his Instagram story of the two sitting together in the car, writing “Look who I ran into!” Soooo naturally, this could only mean one thing, right?
Well, not so fast… both Dylan and Cole have already stated that a Suite Life reboot is probably not in the cards, however, it’s nice to see that the gang is all still close, so here’s to hoping we’ll at least get to see the full cast, including Cole and Ashley Tisdale together again soon.
But many fans have been hoping for a Sprouse reunion on camera, and have been suggesting Riverdale as the perfect opportunity to reveal some sort of evil twin of Jughead’s… although a reunion of such may not happen come season 2, fans think Dylan actually revealed a mini-spoiler that’s to come in the second season.
One of the many reasons why we love the Sprouse twins is the incessant roasting of each other via social media, but fans were quick to theorize on one post Cole shared a throwback photo of himself channeling Jughead’s dark Serpent hair from a young age. Although the post has since been deleted, fans were quick to pick up on what could potentially be a mini-spoiler Dylan left in the comments.
Under Cole’s initial caption that read, “the rumors are true”, Dylan then left a comment, asking, “is this jellybean?” The post garnered no response from Cole, but seeing that fans are rumored to be introduced to Jellybean AKA Jughead’s younger sister and the daughter of FP Jones, fans demanded answers as to whether or not this photo may be used as an actual throwback photo in the actual show… But as far as we know right now, it’s simply yet another roast between the brothers and just an easy target to poke fun at each other…
However, nothing seems to be too out of the ordinary in the town of Riverdale, so we’ll just have to wait 19 more days until the season two premiere, but until then, I want to know all your thoughts on the sweet suite life reunion and if you think this picture has a hidden meaning, so get to talking down here in the comments, and after that, be sure to click right over here to get all the scoop on Riverdale getting a dark Sabrina the Teenage Witch spinoff. Thanks for hanging out with me here on Clevver News, I’m your host Renee Ariel and I’ll see you next time.

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