Jennifer Lawrence, Emma Watson & Gal Gadot Read MEAN Tweets On Kimmel

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Mean Tweets is one of THE funniest late night segments, and this time was no exception…

Gal Gadot is officially our favorite gorgeous and funny badass, thanks to her breakout role as Wonder Woman. But of course one grammatically challenged tweeter had to try and bring her down with under 140 characters of pure sexism…

There is NO bringing that woman down, which is precisely why we love her.

Emma Watson also found herself in the mean tweet hot seat, only her mean tweet was far more elaborate and hit her right in the personality…

Clearly that person doesn’t understand how amazing AND handy it would be to be BFFs with Hermione Granger.

Jennifer Lawrence also got the Mean Tweet treatment, only her Tweet went straight for her sex life…

Jen, you are and will always be THE comeback queen of our hearts…

Though all the celebs featured on this segment of Mean Tweets got hit pretty hard in the feelings, the funniest and MEANEST mean tweet this round came from The Big Bang Theory’s Jim Parsons…

If Jim needs to have a few therapy sessions after that one we won’t blame him, because that is downright SAVAGE.

Okay guys now I gotta know which Tweet did you think was the funniest, which was the nastiest, and which celebs do you wanna see on that Mean Tweet hot seat next? Sound off with all your thoughts in the comments below! Thanks so much for hanging with me on News Feed, I’m your host Naz Perez and I’ll see you next time!

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