Ariana Grande Reveals Plans After “Emotionally Challenging” Year

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It’s a huge understatement to say that Ariana deserves some R&R now that her tour has ended.

And luckily taking time off is exactly what Ari has planned now that she’s finally wrapped her international Dangerous Woman tour. Ari recently spoke with Women’s Health magazine about her post-tour plans, which is going to include a lot of self-care. She told the mag QUOTE, “I think what I’m probably going to do is check in on my health. I’m going to see my doctors and get a checkup and do some things that I’ve been pushing off for a while.” As well as checking in with her physical health, Ari is also going to focus on her mental and emotional health, explaining QUOTE, “It’s been awhile since I’ve been home, since February. It’s been a lot emotionally. It’s been a very challenging journey for all of us involved. So it would be nice to really hold my loved ones close for a little while, stay home for a little bit.” It is so good to hear that Ari is going to take care of herself and spend some time with the people she loves while having some downtime. And she’s also setting a great example to fans about how important self-care is–no matter who you are or how demanding your schedule gets.

And speaking of Ari’s fans, she also opened up about how much she loves inspiring her Arianators through her music, saying QUOTE, “Even if it’s just making them feel empowered when they’re getting ready in the morning, or helping them through a heartbreak, or to find something they love about themselves. Just making them dance in the car on the way to school in the morning. I just like being able to have a connection with them, and I care a lot about that.”

If that doesn’t convince you of just how much Ari loves connecting with her fans, perhaps the fact that she’s already planning on making new music while on her break will. Ari told Women’s Health Mag QUOTE, “Knowing me, I’m going to be in the studio, probably, at the same time, because I love it, and I want to create…I’ll be rested and ready to go again as soon as possible, because I just love this so much.” Okay not gonna lie, knowing that Ari isn’t planning on waiting too long to get back into the studio is straight up music to our ears.

Alright guys now I wanna know what YOU think of Ari’s post-tour plans–how great is it to hear that she’s taking time to take care of her physical, mental, and emotional health?! Sound off with your thoughts in the comments, and don’t forget to subscribe! Thanks for watching News Feed, I’m your girl Miriam Isa and I’ll see you next time.

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