Nicki MInaj SLAMS Fashion Mags For Making Her Change Her Hair

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By now everyone should know to not mess with Nicki Minaj–or her hair.

Nicki took to Twitter today to call out fashion magazines for constantly altering her image in photos, but not doing the same to women of different races. She Tweeted QUOTE, “For years, fashion mags would change my hair for their covers but allow women of a diff race to wear the exact style on the cover”. And when one of her fans Tweeted that magazines should stop altering Nicki’s look because she’s a QUEEN, Nicki replied QUOTE, “They’re still doing it”, which has many thinking

When one fan pointed out that magazines should stop changing Nicki’s look because of her “queen” status, Nicki replied QUOTE, “they’re still doing it,” which has many fans thinking that her latest magazine spread is still yet to be revealed. If that’s the case, you know Nicki’s fans will be ready to defend her to the moon and back if another fashion magazine has changed her hair once again.

Alright guys now I wanna know what YOU think of Nicki has to say about fashion mags altering her image, so sound off in the comments with all your thoughts, and don’t forget to hit that subscribe button! Thanks for hanging with me on News Feed, I’m your girl Erin Robinson and I’ll see you next time!

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