Riverdale’s Camila Mendes Opens Up About Being BULLIED In School

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Camila Mendes may play a former mean girl Veronica Lodge on Riverdale, but it sounds like she was actually the victim of bullying in real life.

Camila recently opened up in a new interview and revealed details about her past you’d be surprised to learn!

Camila told Teen Vogue Magazine QUOTE “My friend and I were in eighth grade or ninth grade. These two girls who were a few years above us put out this video on Facebook, and they were just like, ‘Who are freshman sluts? Cami and Kylie.’ They just kind of made this video talking about how much we were sluts … [when the reality is that] both of us were in relationships, and not even hooking up with anybody but our loved ones. We were just like, ‘What?’ It was completely purposeless bullying.”

Fortunately for Camila, the bullying never got too bad because most of the people in her school didn’t take the video too seriously and QUOTE “…no one really gave it the attention that those girls wanted; no one really fed into it.”

Maybe her tough past was one of the reasons why she decided to team up with Represent to design a reformed mean girl t-shirt to bring awareness to girl-against-girl bullying and encourage people to build each other up rather than break each other down.

Camila added QUOTE “Veronica has that storyline of being a bully in her past, and regretting all of her actions. That, paired with the fact that she and Betty have such a strong, supportive relationship, it just seems like the perfect campaign to tie in with the T-shirt.”

We LOVE that Camila opened up about being bullied in the past, because it’s something that SO many people deal with every single day. What do you think of the actress’ message? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below and then be sure to click here for Riverdale season 2 spoilers, straight from the cast. I’m your host Ashley Iaconetti, thanks so much for Watching Clevver!

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