Lauren Jauregui SLAMS Dove’s “Pathetic Apology” After Controversial Ad

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Lauren Jauregui is NOT here for the apology made by Dove following a racist advertisement.

Singer Lauren Jauregui called Dove’s apology QUOTE “pathetic” after the brand released a racist ad to promote body wash last week.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock this past week, you’ve probably heard about Dove’s incredibly problematic ad, which featured a dark-skinned woman taking off her t-shirt to reveal a light-skinned woman.

Many people took this as a present-day version of the blatant racism soap companies used to advertise their products in the late 1800s. Basically, they would disgustingly allege that dark skin was dirty and light skin was clean.

Dove quickly realized that they made a HUGE mistake, pulled the advertisement and issued an apology. The company wrote on Twitter QUOTE “An image we recently posted on Facebook missed the mark in representing women of color thoughtfully. We deeply regret the offense it caused.”

Lauren Jauregui didn’t buy the apology, though. She fired back at Dove, writing QUOTE “I wanna know what it was SUPPOSED to do for women of color though. It was purely racist. There’s no debate and this is a pathetic apology.”

Just a few hours after the Fifth Harmony singer slammed Dove, the company issued yet ANOTHER statement, this time stating that the ad’s intention was to QUOTE “convey that Dove body was is for every woman and be a celebration of diversity,” but unfortunately missed the mark and QUOTE “did not represent the diversity of real beauty, which is something Dove is passionate about.”

The statement also contained a more in-depth explanation about what went wrong and another apology. It read QUOTE “This should not have happened and we are re-evaluating our internal processes for creating and approving content to prevent us making this type of mistake in the future. We apologize deeply and sincerely for the offense that it has caused and do not condone any activity or imagery that insults any audience.”

We LOVE that Lauren isn’t afraid to speak out about what she believes in. What do you think about this situation? Tell us your thoughts, concerns, and reactions in the comments below, and then click here to watch the HILARIOUS moment when Fifth Harmony security thought Becky G was a crazy fan who jumped on stage during a concert. I’m your host Zoe Lillian, thanks for watching Clevver!

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