Dark Betty RETURNS To Riverdale & TWO More Characters Killed

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If we lived in the town of Riverdale, we definitely would have moved out after what happened on last night’s episode.

We’re only two episodes in of the new season of Riverdale and it’s already way more darker and mysterious than all of season one!

The second episode of season 2 of Riverdale aired last night, and we’re probably going to be thinking about it until next week’s episode. There is so much happening in the town that it’s honestly hard to keep up with. There’s a murderer loose wreaking havoc on the town, FP Jones is still in prison, Archie is slowly going crazy and Veronica is having some serious daddy issues.
Thankfully, last night’s episode hit on almost every single topic giving us more clarity on the situations, but there were also some moments that just made us go WTF?!

Our biggest concern right now is who is this masked murder and what is his motive. After Grundy was killed last episode, we thought that there could be a connection and that the murderer was going after people Archie cared about. Our theory was proven correct when Archie echoed our exact thoughts last night.

We thought we were finally on our way to figuring something out about the killer, but the last minute of yesterday’s episode changed everything.

When it cut to Moose and Midge getting hot and heavy after taking the new drug Jingle Jangle, we didn’t really know how it was going to fit in with the plot. But when a man with a flashlight approached their car, we immediately knew that it was time to say goodbye to these new characters.

Moose and Midge were shot and killed by the masked murderer, making the death poll go up to three.

If that wasn’t enough, we saw the return of Dark Betty. Although she wasn’t wearing a wig, her motive and tone of assertion was the same when she confronted Cheryl over testifying for the sake of Jughead’s dad. Betty obviously knew that Cheryl would say no, so she was ready with her ammunition: the video of Cheryl’s dad shooting Jason Blossom.

Betty sure does drive a hard bargain and proves that she’s not always sunshine and ponytails.
With this being only the second episode of the season, we think it’s safe to say that it’s just going to get darker and more twisted every episode.

Do you think there’s a connection between the murders and what do you think about Dark Betty? Let us know in the comments below and then click here to see the craziest Riverdale fan theories. I’m Sinead de Vries, thanks for tuning in!

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