Katy Perry Gets STUCK Above The Crowd On a Planet During Concert

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Katy just discovered what it’s like to be stuck in a malfunctioning prop in the middle of a concert.

And what do you do when you’re Katy Perry and your stage malfunctions? Handle it like a boss.

The YouTube footage alone of this accident gives me anxiety! Imagine being Katy Perry. The pop singer was slaying her Nashville concert as part of her Witness Tour which you know how she do- lots of elaborate set pieces, costume changes, back up dancers, etc. When this happened…

YouTube moment indeed! She got stuck on a flying planet stage… because #KatyPerry. But she handled it with humor and a whole lot of ad-libbing. She talked to the audience saying QUOTE “I’m going to be stuck here forever. What should I do? Should I tell some jokes? Should I tell some stories? Should I just sing another song?” She narrated the whole process revealing that technicians were speaking to her in her ear piece telling her they were going to lower her down. So then she got worried she was going to squish her fans with her planet. As her planet approached earth she wondered how exactly to handle the awkward dismount…

And that’s exactly what she was forced to do. What a graceful fall, fyi. And the fans of course loved every improvised minute of it! Her crew immediately walked her back onto the stage and she resumed her concert because the show must go on! She can now add getting stuck on a flying platform while holding on to dear life and your guitar as yet another memorable malfunction for the history books. Were you there? Oh my god, if you were- please talk to me! Share your story. Were you afraid she was gonna fall and squish you? I mean, what a way to go if that’s how you go, you know? Either way, please comment below or hit me up directly @Miriamisa on twitter or @Miriam_isa on Instagram if you’re not already following me, cuz we family on Clevver. Speaking of malfunctions, there’s a bit of an error on Niall Horan’s new album cover which is making everyone do a double take. So click here for that. I’m Miriam Isa, and see you soon!

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