Niall Horan Drops New Album “Flicker”- 1D Boys Show Support

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To celebrate the release of his album, Niall gave an intimate performance at the Troubadour in Los Angeles last night where his biggest fans were invited to share in the festivities. Fellow 1D member Louis Tomlinson was there to show his support and later tweeted – “Blown away by Niall tonight. Felt so ******* proud!” Fans were treated to an exclusive preview set of Flicker which naturally made them lose their minds and Niall was sure to express his gratitude saying QUOTE – “I know there are massive fans in this room because Spotify [has] whittled it down to the people who listen to my music most. That’s a really cool thing to be able to do actually. I’ve wanted to play this venue since I was about 10 years old, so I appreciate that you came to watch.” Shania Twain and Thomas Rhett were also in the house so the support was in full force. When speaking about the title track, “Flicker,” Niall said QUOTE – “Lyrically this is the song that means the most to me.” And speaking of meaningful songs, later on in the show, Niall made everyone feel nostalgic when he performed an acoustic version of 1D’s “Fool’s Gold.” Which of course was written by Louis so fans immediately started chanting his name. But when Niall gave his friend a shout out and jokingly invited him to come up on stage, Louis gratefully bowed out and let his friend shine.
Following the album preview, two fans shared their opinions of the songs saying QUOTE – “It’s very Niall. It sounds like he put a lot of work into it and really enjoys making the music, it’s kind of his vibe, which is nice. It’s definitely the kind of thing you’d expect from him. It’s great that he’s sticking to it and staying true to himself and what he wants to do.”
In other Niall album news, he revealed to The Sun that a solid chunk of the album is about a mystery woman he dated while in 1D. Niall told The Sun QUOTE – “It is written about one person. Most of it is. There’s obviously songs that are not particularly about anything, just scenarios I’ve made up in my head or situations I’ve seen among my friends. But yeah, for the most part it’s about that one person.” But as for his relationship status now, Niall made himself crystal clear saying QUOTE – “I’m single now, yep. Yep. Extremely single.”
Liam Payne also sent Niall some congratulatory regards tweeting QUOTE – “Proud of how far we’ve come bro! Everyone go out and buy his album Friday!!” Niall responded saying – “Indeed! Thank you Payno. Love ya. Go get this man’s single also.”
Niall revealed to Teen Vogue that recording Flicker was completely different from any other recording experiences he’s had in the past saying – “The fast-paced nature of the life in One Direction meant we often had to rush [the process]. For my debut record I was very clear from the start with my label and management that I wanted to be able to take my time writing and then properly record the album in the studio with a live band and musicians.” You can get a feel for Niall’s recording process yourself in a short film he created called On the Record: Flicker which chronicles Niall;s creative process as a solo artist. It is available now on Apple Music.
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