The BEST Fan Reactions & Theories To Taylor Swift’s New Song “Gorgeous”

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The Internet just couldn’t deal when Taylor Swift dropped her new song “Gorgeous” last night at midnight.

And WE can’t deal with Kim K’s reaction…

Per usual, Taylor Swift’s latest single “Gorgeous” is full of lyrical jabs and winks. The song sent the Internet into a frenzy overnight with everyone shouting their opinion.

Naturally, super fans went ballistic. One fan wrote, “The most perfect lyrics @taylorswift13 has written yet #Gorgeous” while another pointed out, “Can we all take a moment to appreciate how Taylor Swift isn’t and never will make generic music, and keeps trying something new. #Gorgeous”. And speaking of new, did anyone else feel the retro vibes? One Twitter user wrote, “The 80s vibe in #gorgeous gives me all the John Hughes feels” while tons of other fans were pointing out the connection to Taylor’s song “Enchanted”- like this one: “”gorgeous’ is “enchanted” after two or three whiskeys on ice”.

But enough about the vibe, who the heck is this gorgeous guy Taylor is going on and on about? Apparently Taylor told fans at her secret sessions that “Gorgeous” is about her boyfriend Joe. In fact, she wanted fans to spread the word. Apparently, Taylor also told fans at the secret sessions who the baby voice in the song is…but fans won’t tell the rest of us. And while we’re on the subject of Joe, this tweet made us LOL: “can you believe taylor swift got drunk and made fun of joe alwyns english accent SCREAMING”. Of course this references the first line of the song where Taylor sings…

But despite what Taylor told fans, some think “Gorgeous” is actually about Calvin Harris and Tom Hiddleston, “AND I GOT A BOYFRIEND HE’S OLDER THAN US HE’S IN THE CLUB DOING I DON’T KNOW WHAT. OMFG IT’S ABOUT TOM AND CALVIN #Gorgeous” Yup, both Tom and Calvin are much older than Taylor. But over on the other side of the Internet some fans believe the song could be about Karlie Kloss, given the lyric video’s nod to Victoria’s Secret: “The color scheme reminds me of something. Of someone. Just a thought, imma leave it here”.

Despite many fans fully embracing the new pop song, not everyone was on board. Our girl Erin Robinson tweeted, “Taylor Swift wasn’t lying when she said the old Taylor is dead, and now I am officially going into mourning.” No, our reaction compilation list wouldn’t be complete without a mention of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian. One fan pointed out the fact that Taylor just hijacked one of Kanye’s song titles writing, “No, she didn’t. YES, she did!” And early this morning Kim Kardashian retweeted a GIF of herself hysterically laughing. Yup, you better believe we think that’s Kim reacting to Taylor’s new song. It’s finally your turn to weigh in, do you think that Kim K is laughing at Taylor’s new song? And what’s YOUR reaction to “Gorgeous”? Tell us! Then click here to see Harry Styles reveal he picked the name One Direction. As always I’m your host Emile Ennis Jr, I’ll see you guys next time.

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