Camila Mendes Opens Up About Eating Disorder Struggle

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Riverdale’s Camila Mendes is the latest celebrity to speak publicly about her past struggle with an eating disorder, and now she plans to help break the stigma!

Camila Mendes bravely took to Instagram on Friday revealing that she, too, has struggled with an eating disorder!

Camila wrote, “I can say from experience that eating disorders are serious mental illnesses. Growing up, I watched my big sister suffer from one for many years, and I’ve experienced periods of my life when I’ve suffered symptoms as well.”

By coming forward with her story, Camila joins a long roster of celebrities who have also bravely shared their struggles with an eating disorder, including Demi Lovato, Troian Bellisario, Lily Collins, Zayn Malik and more. And, as we all know, the more celebrities that speak publicly about this, the closer we get to breaking then stigma associated with eating disorders altogether.

Even though Camila is already helping SO many people by simply sharing her story, she’s actually doing even more to help because she also announced that she is partnering with Project HEAL.
Project HEAL is a non-profit organization committed to breaking the stigma associated with eating disorders, and if you’re wondering how YOU can get involved, there’s a way!

If you’re interested in supporting Camila and her cause, she’ll be attending Project HEAL’s SF Gala at Levi Stadium on Saturday and auctioning off a day on the Riverdale set! Doing some good and spending the day on the set of Riverdale? We’re IN!

Okay guys, so how proud are you of Camila for speaking up about her history with eating disorders and partnering with Project HEAL? Let us know in the comments and then click over here for the reason Demi Lovato punched her backup dancer. Thanks for watching Clevver News, I’m Ava Gordy and I’ll see you next time!

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