Cardi B KICKED OUT Of Hotel For THIS Reason & Says She Wasn’t At Fault

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Cardi B got kicked out of a hotel after being falsely accused of smoking weed. The incident is believed to be racially motivated. Today’s episode is presented by Lyft. It matters how you get there. Download and ride today.

Cardi B is never one to shy away from speaking her mind so you best believe she let her voice be heard when she was kicked out of a hotel for something she didn’t do.

Cardi was in New York over the weekend to perform at Times Union in Albany when she had an unsettling incident go down at a Hilton hotel where she and her crew were staying following the show. We have Cardi’s full side of the story because she posted it on social media shortly following the incident where she details how she, her manager, security guard, DJ, and dancers were all kicked out in the middle of the night because the floor on which they were staying smelt like weed and the hotel assumed the smell was coming from Cardi’s team.

Cardi went on to say that you could even drug test each person on the team to prove that marijuana is not something the people she surrounds herself with use.

Rightfully so, Cardi was very upset about being wrongfully accused and posted several other videos to express how she felt. She went on to say QUOTE – “Motherf–kers was being prejudiced and picking on who the f–k they thought that was smoking weed and you got the wrong f–king one. I’m telling you, I do not smoke weed. And I really don’t want to be the one that pulls the ‘race card,’ like, ‘Oh, they did that ’cause they’re racist,’ but that is the only explanation that I could f–king find. So why don’t ya’ll search the room? And then they told us that earlier, there was some rap artist that was smoking weed and they got kicked out too. We’re not associated with them.”

TMZ posted a video of Cardi leaving the hotel visibly upset at what had just transpired and can be heard calling the people who kicked her out racist. A spokesperson for the Albany police told the Daily News that officers responded to the hotel around 1am after receiving a call noting a QUOTE – “odor of marijuana and loud party on the second floor.” The spokewman went on to say – “They may have been a little loud, which is something they even acknowledged with the officers. When the officers arrived at the second floor room, Cardi B’s crew and manager were already preparing to pack up and leave the hotel, because they were informed to do so by hotel management prior to the police arriving. [Cardi] was rightfully upset with hotel staff, who again made the decision they had to leave.” Another source confirmed to Us Weekly that Cardi and her team were the only people of color on the floor.

In other Cardi news, she shocked fans over the weekend when she alluded to the fact that her and Offset from Migos broke up for a hot second. She posted an instagram story of herself and captioned it – “Single.” But later clarified saying QUOTE – “So listen babes, I exaggerated a lil bit earlier cause I was really upset and the Bronx girl in me always have to go to the extreme. I came to my senses now. Im sorry…waffle house on me?” She then offered an explanation on Twitter that is my favorite part. She said – “Reasons why me and Offset got into it …I think he stoled my purple blanket but it wasn’t him so I’m still looking for the suspect. Naaa but on a serious note I really loveeeee my man. He was gifted to me from Jesus.” I love me some Cardi B. But how crazy was that hotel incident? Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below and don’t forget to subscribe. Thanks for watching Clevver News, I’m your host Drew Dorsey and I’ll see you next time. Click left to see Justin Bieber’s new tattoos or click right to see Niall Horan get spooked by Ellen. This episode was presented by Lyft. It matters how you get there. Download and ride today.

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