Harry Styles Gets GRABBED By Fan During Concert & Fans Run To His Defense

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#RespectHarry began trending worldwide after a fan took their excitement way too far.

Over the weekend, your favorite celebrities took the stage at The Hollywood Bowl here in Los Angeles for We Can Survive, a star studded benefit concert that honors National Breast Cancer awareness month. The show is a huge hit, and this year was no different with a lineup that included Kessia, Sam Smith, Pink, Alessia Cara, a surprise performance by Niall Horan, and Harry Styles.

During Harry’s performance of Kiwi, the singer got down on his knees toward to the front of the stage to engage with fans. An anonymous source told Yahoo QUOTE “A fan then reached out and touched his crotch. He very quickly got up and appaeared to also shove their hand a little bit to remove them faster. You can tell it freaked him out a little because as he continued performing, he avoided the section that fan was standing in.”
There have been multiple videos of the incident posted to Twitter, which led to a major outcry from fans, but in one vid, you can see Harry noticeably move the fan’s hand away from his pants, as reported by the source.

Alongside the video, the user wrote, “touching harry’s crotch without consent is SEXUAL ASSAULT! this is VILE. he CLEARLY felt uncomfortable #respectharry”

Fans are now joining together to speak out against sexual assault and to once again remind people that it is never okay to touch anybody this way. Not long after the videos first appeared on social media, #RESPECTHARRY began trending, as people began speaking out about the cringe worthy incident.

One user reminded people that Harry was performing to support WOMEN when this all happened, writing, “Harry is out there using his platform to empower us women and y’all treat him like this. Disgusting. He isn’t an object.” #RespectHarry

And perhaps the issue is truly the infatuation with celebrities just going too far.

Another shared: “Public Service Announcement: Celebrities are human beings. Harry Styles is a human being. He is not a sexual object #RespectHarry”

And while the hashtag really shows how loyal and intelligent the internet can be, one fan made a good point writing QUOTE “It’s sad that we still have to do these trends cause people still can’t respect Harry. Call this what it is. Sexual assault”

I, for one, am really happy to see so much support being shown for Harry, and hopefully, if anything, some people may truly learn from this experience. As far as Harry goes, that is a display of professionalism if I have ever seen it, because he handled a very inappropriate situation extremely well.

Now I want to hear from you, so hit the comments to share your reaction to the horrible incident and to seeing so many people speak up in support of Harry. I’m Sinead de Vries, and I’ll see you all back here soon on Clevver News.

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