Niall Horan Gets SCARED By “Harry Styles” & REVEALS If He Has a Girlfriend

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Niall Horan got quite the scare from Harry Styles…errr, a Harry Styles LOOKALIKE, that is.

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Niall Horan recently appeared on The Ellen Show to promote his new album Flicker and was scared out of his mind by a fake Harry Styles.

Host Ellen Degeneres asked the “Slow Hands” singer if he keeps in touch with his One Direction bandmates, which seemed like a pretty innocent question. Niall had just explained that he Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne and Harry Styles do try to see each other as much as possible when he became the latest victim of Ellen’s classic mid-interview scares. Let’s take a look at the HILARIOUS clip.

As funny as it was to watch Niall get scared, it’s even funnier to see him react to the whole thing.

Niall said QUOTE “cardiac arrest nearly happened” after the fake Harry jumped out at him, but fortunately he wasn’t too scared to answer some of Ellen’s hard-hitting questions, including about his dating life. He admitted that he struggled having a girlfriend when he was younger because he was constantly touring the world. Casual.

Ellen then straight up asked Niall if he’s currently single, to which he bashfully replied QUOTE “I am” and explained that he basically wants to enjoy his mid-20s, live life and have fun right now.

Did you hear that, people? Niall Horan is a SINGLE man. What did you think about Niall’s interview with Ellen? Are you still laughing over him getting scared by a fake Harry Styles? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below and then click right here to learn about the MAJOR hilarious mistake Niall made on his most recent album cover. I’m your host Sinead de Vries, thanks for watching Clevver

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