Taylor Swift Helps Pregnant Fan By Doing THIS

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Taylor Swift pays for a pregnant fan’s medical bills after hearing her heartbreaking story.

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Taylor Swift recently met a pregnant fan at one of her Secret Sessions and was overwhelmed with her story.

Taylor already knew that the fan was expecting a baby thanks to social media, so when they met in person she was obviously super excited. Unfortunately, the girl had to tell the “Gorgeous” singer that doctors think she will have a miscarriage and broke down in tears.

The Swiftie explained on Tumblr QUOTE “She just hugged me even closer and then asked me if I know why and if there’s any chance that we can do something about this. I said that I had a miscarriage before and Taylor just looked into my eyes and grabbed my hand and said that she will make sure that I get a second opinion from a doctor who’s an expert and that she’ll promise me to try everything to help us save our ‘little angel.’”

After the private performance was over, the fan went home and got an email with the name of a doctor and possible appointment dates. She then asked about how much the specialist would cost and was told QUOTE “everything is being taken care of” by Taylor.

The fan initially wasn’t sure if she wanted to tell people about what happened because it’s obviously very private, but decided to share because she wants the world to know what kind of a person Taylor Swift really is.

She finished the post by saying QUOTE “I hope everyone reading this will think twice from now on before judging Taylor or anything she does. I will never forget that she has done this for me and I will forever be thankful.”

How amazing is this story? Can you believe Taylor Swift actually set up and paid for a doctor’s appointment for a pregnant fan? I’m your host Jackie Iadonisi, thanks for watching Clevver!

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