Taylor Swift SPARKS Pregnancy Rumors With THIS Pic

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Taylor Swift fans have dug up a brand-new conspiracy theory surrounding her new song “Gorgeous” and absence from the public eye, but this one may be a bit of a stretch…

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Taylor might have an all-new glow to her, but a pregnancy glow? Y’all are REACHING.

First the Kardashians, and now Taylor Swift?! The internet just doesn’t quit… whether you’ve heard the rumors or not, TayTay is the most recent celeb caught in the center of a pregnancy theory following one photo taken during her Reputation Secret Sessions.

During one of Taylor’s listening parties, many photos were taken of her posing with fans, but one in particular has been making its way around the Internet. One fan reposted the photo of Taylor standing with her hand on her hip, wearing a loose sweater dress. We all know bad angles, but apparently that didn’t cross some fans’ minds, when the photo was captioned with the most EXTRA theory I’ve probably ever heard.

She wrote, “Guys what if gorgeous by @taylorswift13 is a baby announcement??? idk if this is a bad angle but she looks pregnant???? IMAGINE OMG.” Ok, so the photo does slightly resemble a pregnant belly, but it’s more likely (like 100% likely) that the way Taylor was bending over caused her sweater to fall that way. Many fans have also been speculating who the baby voice is at the beginning of “Gorgeous” when one Tumblr user wrote, “The baby voice, just wait til you find out who it is.” Many fans have been claiming the voice belongs to Blake Lively and Ryan Reynold’s daughter James, but that apparently didn’t stop one Twitter user from getting her hopes up, and responding, “WHY DOES IT FEEL LIKE THEY ARE TRYING TO HINT US THAT TAYLOR IS PREGNANT?”

Ok, I still wouldn’t go as far to say she’s pregnant, so to support the opposing claim that Taylor is, in fact, NOT expecting, many other photos surfaced of the singer posing with fans in ways that didn’t show a growing stomach. One fan that attended Tay’s Secret Sessions also shared her story via Twitter about how she attended the sessions while pregnant, but told Taylor that doctors said there was a high chance she would miscarry. The fan then revealed that Taylor kept her word in finding a doctor with a second opinion and that all the medical bills were covered, but one thing Taylor said that stands out, was after the fan admitted that her husband has trouble with her mood swings, Taylor replied back by saying QUOTE, “Well, I’m not pregnant and my man has to deal with that already.”

WELL, there you have it! The truth comes straight out of Taylor’s own mouth. So it’s pretty much proven that she isn’t expecting, but I’m still curious to know what you guys think the significance of the baby voice at the beginning of “Gorgeous” means, so share all your theories and predictions down here in the comments, and as always, don’t forget to subscribe for all the latest updates. Thanks for watching Clevver News, I’m your host Naz Perez and I’ll see you next time.

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