Demi Lovato Announces She’s Going On Tour With THIS Major Opener

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Move over Nick Jonas. There’s a new man in town…

Demi Lovato is coming for you! The pop princess posted this mysterious video (demi mystery video) to her Twitter today all building up to her big announcement! Not ONLY is she going on tour next year to promote her new album ‘Tell Me You Love Me” and remind all her fans what it’s like to walk up fully fierce! Buuuut as usual, she’s taking another great act on the road with her. Last time it was Nick Jonas. But for her upcoming tour she is collaborating with the one, the only-

DJ Khaled! I could so be a hype woman. Miriam Isa! Nope. Not the same. Anyway, the secret is out and fans are naturally freaking out, myself included. Though not all of the freak outs are positive. After she hashtagged ‘They didbn’t want us to go on tour together’ a whole lot of people tweeted back, yeah, we literally didn’t. But then again, some fans are posting teary gifs expressing their excitement over the Lovato-Khaled collab. So far the tour is only covering North America, but if the tour goes well you know she’ll be expanding it to cover her fans elsewhere so let’s pray this thing goes awesome. Presale tickets begin Monday and the tour will take place in 20 cities from February through March. For additional info you can visit the official tour website. In the meantime, this is a safe space. Let me know what you really think about Demi taking DJ Khaled on her tour. Please share your thoughts below and also follow me on my socials because yes, reading your comments is what I do every night before going to bed and occasionally in the bathroom. So follow me on Twitter @Miriamisa and on Instagram @Miriam_isa. I’m Miriam Isa. See you soon!

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