Niall Horan Says He LOVES Katy Perry & Fans FREAK Out

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It all started with a tweet. Yesterday Niall Horan tweeted a sweet birthday message to Katy Perry. Niall gushed, “Happy birthday to the loveliest lady @katyperry . have a good day , love you!” But there’s more…Niall includes the heart eyes emoji AND a kiss face emoji in the tweet. The birthday wish was paired with an adorable photo of the two posing together. Are we the only ones that think Niall and Katy look coupl-y in the photo? Okay good, didn’t think so.

Sooo is there something more than friendship going on here? Niall and Katy have always had a flirty relationship since meeting on the X Factor, buuuut this tweet includes some VERY strong words! Naturally, fans had some opinions about this tweet. One fan wrote, “I’m having flashbacks of 16 year old Niall with a crush.” But another user wasn’t as into it writing, “These emojis make me wanna be sick Niall. I love you but don’t go there.” Other fans decided to bring up nostalgic Katy and Niall moments- like the first time they met on X Factor. And remember back in May when this happened?

While the verdict is out on Niall and Katy’s relationship, Niall did reveal who he wrote his song “Mirrors” about. He recently told Fresh 102.7 radio QUOTE, “I was in Pret [a Manger] one day in town and I was looking at my phone and I had seen a girl in the corner who I thought looked a little bit upset or whatever, [was] on her own and looked a little bit lonely. And the waiter came over and made her laugh out loud and her laugh made me look over. I wrote that down on my phone and picked up the story a few months later and wrote a song about it.”

Cue the swoons. Looks like inspiration for Niall comes from the most unlikely places. And now we need you to weigh in on all this- do you think Niall’s birthday tweet to Katy means something more is going on? And do you think Niall will see the cafe girl ever again? Tell us your thoughts about that below. As always I’m your host Tom Plumley, thanks for tuning in.

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