8 CRAZIEST Taylor Swift “…Ready for It?” Video Fan Theories

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Taylor Swift’s futuristic “Ready For It” visual dropped last night but not without tons of easter eggs and shady references. So let’s get right into it. Our first theory is that the hoodie-wearing Taylor we see throughout the video at first glance SEEMS like the real Taylor- but the robotic blue eyes give her away. She’s a clone.

This second theory actually makes a lot of sense. The nude-bodysuit wearing Taylor we see inside the box is actually the REAL Taylor. She WAS dead, and came back as a robot. The theory includes the idea that this is a reference to Ex Machina, as in a box she’s been placed in by the media. Did fame turn this country girl into a non-human clone? We’ll let you simmer on that one.

Towards the end of the video robot Taylor climbs a staircase and creates a lightening storm- and seems to be freed. The theory here is that Taylor just freed TAYLOR. In other words, Taylor just freed herself from how others view her life. Just, yes.

Speaking of freeing herself from how others view her- many believe the nude bodysuit Taylor wears is a nod to Kanye West’s “Famous” music video which included a fake nude Taylor. Fans believe she is reclaiming her naked body to get back at Kanye.

And also in the shady department, one theory heavily concludes that the lightening is a dig at Taylor’s ex Calvin Harris. Taylor let the world know that she co-wrote Calvin’s hit “This Is What You Came For” which ignited the big Taylor-Calvin feud. In case you forgot, the song’s cover art includes similar lightening theme as in Taylor’s video.

While that theory isn’t that hard to believe, this one is a little more out there. Fans think there’s a Harry Potter reference when clone Taylor looks at a glowing orb, and sees a one-eyed Taylor reflected in her eyes. The scene is similar to a scene when Harry faces off against the Dark Lord. Possibly meaning that one Taylor must die because as with Harry and the Dark Lord: neither can live while the other survives.

We’ve got more in the sorcery theme- with the “they’re burning all the witches” message written on the staircase in the video. The meaning of this graffiti has frustrated the internet for DAYS. Our best guess is that the hoodie wearing Taylor is a witch, and burning all the witches means society is imploding all those that are different, as they historically did to witches. Taylor is setting herself free from society’s narrative.

If your mind isn’t already running wild, we’ve got one last theory for you. Hints in the video point to “Reputation” being a visual album because “Ready For It” seems to continue the narrative from “Look What You Made Me Do”.

Okay, that was a lot. Did you follow us here? Tell us below what other theories you’ve found! As always I’m your host Joslyn Davis, thanks for tuning in.

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